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We accept Credit Card, Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram and Wiretransfer payments. Below is a list of common billing questions.
  1. What credit cards do you accept?
    We need to receive payment from Credit Card via Paypal. Paypal supports a large number of credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB.Debit Cards with Visa, MasterCard or American Express logo are supported just like credit cards.
    Card types that are currently not compatible with Paypal Merchant Services are:
    • Procurement and private label credit cards (such as a department store credit card).
    • Debit cards requiring a numeric password and pin-pad for entry. If you choose credit card payment, our accounting will send you an invoice from paypal to your email. You only need to do is follow the instruction of paypal email to pay by your credit card.
  2. Can I order if I don't have a iiiC account?
    Yes, you can send me your order and we will make a proforma invoice for you to proceed the order.
  3. What currencies and payment methods do you require for international orders?
    We accept U.S.Dollar, British Pound, Euro and Hongkong Dollar. We accept Credit Card, Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram and Wiretransfer payments of international orders. You can use your iiiC Account to order anything you need.
  4. How long can you hold the product for me if I place the order but hasn't send payment?
    Stock will be reserved for 72 hours. Payment must be received within 7 business days or your order will be canceled. Thank you.
  5. I only can pay by wire transfer. How can I?
    Please click here to get iiiC company bank details: bank details (pdf 81KB). Customers need to afford 25.00USD for oversea bank fees. To expedite the processing of your order, once you have completed your wire transfer, please email us at: with customer's name, name of the bank, your purchase order name (if applicable), and the amount of the wire transfer.